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About Sunstell

Welcome to Sunstell Magnet, where innovation meets performance in crafting revolutionary magnets products.

Company Profile

Jiangxi Sunstell Technology Co., Ltd. We are a technology-based enterprise focusing on innovative R&D, production, sales and customization of related materials and products in the field of rare earth permanent magnets. In line with the concept of "new materials, new technologies, new life", the company follows the trend of the times, continues technological innovation, advocates green life, and is committed to becoming a global practitioner of rare earth permanent magnet new energy and core application materials in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection.

We are located in Ji'an, Jiangxi, adjacent to the world-renowned rare earth kingdom, with unique local advantages and industrial chain advantages.

We are strictly follows the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system for production and management, providing customers with high-quality and stable rare earth permanent magnet materials, products and technical after-sales service.

We has a stable, multi-field and multi-channel source of customers. Relying on the domestic market, the company continuously develops and develops. At the same time, it actively deploys overseas business and expands overseas markets. Our products are widely used in new energy vehicles and auto parts, energy-saving inverter air conditioners, wind power generation, mobile terminal equipment, industrial energy-saving motors, energy-saving elevators and other fields.

Company Culture

三富铁科技 愿景


More efficient innovation, better service, greener life.



Skill in special, do in fine;
Industry is in earnest, keep in zhi.



Integrity, innovation, harmony, trustworthy.

Trademark Qualification

The trademark is an important part of the company's intellectual property and branding. It is an important image of our company. It embodies the wisdom of all our employees and reflects the company's development achievements.

sunstell 三富铁 ISO9001认证sunstell 三富铁sunstell 三富铁

Professional Team

With high-quality management and technical personnel, we have established a strong professional team and laid a solid foundation for the rapid development of the enterprise.

sunstell 三富铁sunstell 三富铁sunstell 三富铁