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Supply and ​Custom-made Hook magnet

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Advantages of Hook Magnets

  • Easy Installation:Hook magnets do not require drilling holes or using screws. You simply place the magnet on a metal surface, making them ideal for temporary and frequently changing hanging needs.
  • Reusability:Hook magnets can be assembled and disassembled multiple times and repositioned without damaging the mounting surface, offering long service life.
  • Strong Bearing Capacity:Using powerful magnets, hook magnets can bear considerable weight, suitable for hanging heavy items such as tools, equipment, and decorations.
  • Versatility:Hook magnets can be used in various settings, whether at home, in the office, in workshops, or outdoors. They can be used to hang keys, tools, kitchen utensils, clothes, and more.
  • High Flexibility:Hook magnets can be moved and adjusted freely without being restricted by fixed installation positions, allowing you to adjust according to actual needs.
  • Safety:Without the need for nails or screws, they avoid damaging walls or furniture and reduce potential injuries during installation.

Multi-sizes and models of Hook magnets to choose

ModelD(mm)D1(mm)M(mm)h(mm)H(mm)H1(mm)Self weight(g)pull(kg)
MNE884.5 M34.5113441
MNE10106 M3512.63451.5
MNE12126 M3512.63472
MNE606012M8152866305 130

Color Customized

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Pull Tester

sunstell pull tester

Other Types of Hook Magnetic