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Permanent Magnetic Application Areas

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Permanent Magnetic Materials Application Field

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Clean Energy Vehicle Applications

NdFeB permanent magnet materials are used in new energy vehicle drive motors and auto parts such as ABS (anti-lock braking system), EPS (electric power steering system), etc., which can improve the power density of the motor and make it more efficient.

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Wind power applications

NdFeB permanent magnet materials are used in permanent magnet direct drive wind turbines, which have the advantages of simple structure, low operation and maintenance costs, long service life, good grid connection performance, high power generation efficiency, and are more suitable for operation in low wind speed environments, etc. Features.

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Energy-saving frequency conversion home appliance application

NdFeB permanent magnet materials are used in the motors of household appliances, which can make them run at different speeds, improve the efficiency, reliability and performance of the appliances, and reduce the cost of use.

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Intelligent terminal application

NdFeB permanent magnets are used in vibration motors, acoustic components and magnetic suction in computer, communication and consumer equipment, and can achieve the characteristics of small size, high power and high performance.

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Robot and intelligent manufacturing motor applications

NdFeB permanent magnet materials are used in servo motors in industrial robots, which can improve power density, reduce motor volume, and improve the performance of related components.

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Medical device field

Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets are used for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging devices, replacing the traditional ferrite magnetic steel, which is large, cumbersome, installation, maintenance and replication, making the product smaller and more energy saving.

Sunstell Technology will continue to research and expand the application field of rare earth permanent magnet magnetic materials, and provide newer and better permanent magnet products!